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Q - Any special knowledge required for students to attend this Hackathon

Ans - Question for Coding Hackathon would be from the scope and syllabus as per Junior and Senior Grade.

- What will be included Kickoff Session?

Ans - Refer to the YouTube Link of Delhi Hackathon Kickoff Session.

Q - What will be the Types of Questions in Screening Round?
Ans - Refer to the Rule Book
Refer to the Delhi Hackathon Kickoff Session for Examples.

Q - What will be included in the Hackathon Round?

Ans - Check Rulebook.

Q - Will there be any preparedness / training or bootcamp?

Ans - Online Trainings and Bootcamp will be conducted for the Delhi Hackathon. Details of the bootcamp will be shared with registered participants.

Please Check Delhi Hackathon website. 


Q - When will be the screening rounds held?

Ans - Dec 18 to Dec 23, 2023.

Q - When will be the Final Hackathon held?

Ans - Jan 31st 2024.


Q - What is the maximum number  of team members allowed per team?

Ans - Each team can consist of a maximum of three (3) students (called team members) and one (1) team leader, all belonging to the same school.

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